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The following is a detailed daily breakdown of Alexa's Oak Meadow 5th Grade schedule for the first week of the month of September to give an idea of what Oak Meadow 5 is like, and how we use it.

Oak Meadow provides weekly lesson plans. This is an example of how I broke it down day by day.

All material is pulled from:

Oak Meadow 5th Grade U.S. History/English Syllabus
Oak Meadow School Environmental Science.

*I chose to use Teaching Textbooks Math 5 for our math curriculum this year.

The "music," "cursive," and "geography" mentioned on our Friday schedule are minor things I added in on my own and not an official part of the Oak Meadow curriculum. (We use the site makingmusicfun.net for music, HWT Can Do Cursive for cursive, and a book called "Exploring The 50 States" for geography review).

NOTE: I use an older, used version of the Oak Meadow curriculum, so newer versions may vary somewhat.

LESSON 1 (9/6/10-9/10/10)

Monday 9/6/10:

NOTE TO SELF: Pay attention to what words she spells wrong in her writings this week. Next Monday I will be assigning them for spelling word review. (If I need more words- I like to assign ten per week- I just look up "5th grade spelling words" online and pull from those).

Put the 7 vocab words from Pg 1 in alphabetical order. Write definitions for each of them. Do not use root word in definition.

Begin reading "Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher Columbus?" Have 2 weeks to finish it.

Review basic sentence construction on Page A5-A6 soc./eng. syllabus. and on pg 1-2 of syllabus.

Activity 2, Pg 2, identify subject and predicate in the sentences.

Compose 10 of your own sentences and identify the subject and predicate in each; make some simple and some complex.

Tuesday 9/7/10:

Continue reading Christopher Columbus.

Read "Early Visitors To North America" pages 3-5, with a pause on Pg. 4 to look up Bering Strait on a map.

Continue reading rest of pages 6-8. Choose one of the writing assignments on page 5-6.

Do the rough draft of the writing assignment you chose.

Choice A: Read about Marco Polo's adventures. Write a page or two about what you learn. If you enjoy creative writing, you might prefer composing a scene that you imagine could have occurred between Marco Polo and the great ruler Kublai Khan in China.

Choice B: Compose a short story or newspaper article about what terrible monsters and other hazards might await anyone who tries to sail around the world. Illustrate your story with crayon or colored pencil drawings.

Wednesday 9/8/10:

Continue reading Christopher Columbus.

Carefully proofread your social studies writing assignment, reading it aloud, seeing if it said what you intended, checking for capitals and periods etc. Make all necessary corrections and write final draft in best penmanship.

Activity 3, Page 8- draw a globe divided into four hemispheres, marking each one and noting which we live in.

Go out at night and look for the North Star (if cloudy, try again another time). As in activity 6, after looking at the night sky, close eyes and imagine sky; jot down a few key words that contain strong visual images or feelings and use these ideas to write a poem about the night sky. Copy it neatly into your book and illustrate it with pictures or an artistic border.

Use each of this week's vocabulary words in a sentence that shows you understand meaning of word.

Math, Lesson 1

Thursday, 9/9/10:

Continue reading Christopher Columbus

Environmental Science Lesson 1, The Environment- Read Pages 1-3.

Do assignment 1 (look around your room. Make a list of all the living things in your "room environment." Then make a list of at least 10 things that are non-living in your "room environment."

Do assignment 2 (The following list of things might be parts of a typical city environment. Some of the things are living and some of them are non-living. Tell whether each item listed is living or non-living.)

At least get a good start on Assignment 3 (Get a big piece of butcher paper and create a mural of a forest. Include living as well as non-living things in your mural. You can draw your mural, cut out construction paper shapes, use magazine pictures, or make it however you want. The only guideline is that you may not add people. Keep your mural, you will need it next week.)

Math, Lesson 2 (Note: We use Teaching Textbooks 5 for math this year. See "Teaching Textbooks" review on left sidebar for more information and photos pertaining to Teaching Textbooks math).

Friday, 9/10/10:

Continue reading Christopher Columbus

Finish yesterday's mural if it isn't done.

Extra credit project on Pg 9, make your own compass using a needle, a cork, and a magnet.

Activity 4. Make a shadow stick, measuring length of shadow at 10 AM, Noon, and 2 PM as noted on Page 8. (Note: It was too cloudy for this today. We'll do it over the weekend or next week).

Math, Lesson 3

Music: Meet the Orchestra, Flute. Read about it at makingmusicfun.net, and listen to a Flute on Youtube.

Work on Cursive workbook.

Review geography (we previously memorized all states and capitals; want to do quick weekly review so we do not forget them).

For more information on what to expect from the Oak Meadow 5th Grade Curriculum, See Here:


*So, about that Teaching Textbooks...

In case you are wondering why I am using TT for math instead of using Oak Meadow's math curriculum, that is because in my older version of Oak Meadow, there WAS no built in math curriculum from 5th grade on. Instead, it said I should use Saxon. Well, I had zero interest in using Saxon, so I did some research and decided on Teaching Textbooks instead. See my Teaching Textbooks review on the sidebar to the left for more about Teaching Textbooks, why I decided to use it, and how it is going. But also know that I since found out that more current editions of Oak Meadow DO continue to have their own built in math curriculum, and if that had been the case with my version, I would have continued to use Oak Meadow for everything, math included.


If you click on my link that says "Detailed Oak Meadow Kindergarten Schedule Sample" over on the left, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, it describes what a Main Lesson Book is and how it used (with all subjects integrated into one Main Lesson Book for Kindergarten, and different "Main Lesson Books" used for different subjects in later years).

Main Lesson Books are used from Grades K-4. In 5th Grade, we decided to start utilizing a binder divided into subjects, filled with regular, lined notebook paper to be used for all writing assignments. With that said, whenever there is something we are doing that seems like it would be best served by a "Main Lesson Book" page kind of feel, we always have the option to holepunch blank paper or cardstock or typed assignments and add those into our binder.

Alexa is enjoying using her new, grown up, hot pink binder.

If anyone reads this and has further questions, feel free to drop me a comment and I will do my best to help. I love Oak Meadow. :)

P.S. Here is a link to our first official day of OM5 if you want to read and see more about it in action. From there, you can hit "next" as many times as you'd like to see what our days are like while using OM5.





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Melissa - 22, Special Needs. Is in a sheltered workshop/life skills day program. Likes music, movies, shopping, and reading.

Alexa - 14, Left public school in March of 2009 and has been home since, happily homeschooling with Oak Meadow and an eclectic mix of other things. Currently in 8th grade. Enjoys reading, writing, art, singing and music, theater/performing, doing her nails, and sleepovers with friends.

Ben - 9, Has never been to any outside school. Currently doing 3rd grade at home. Enjoys computer, video and board games, especially Minecraft and shooter games, silly jokes, soccer, rough-housing, and occasional cuddling and reading.

Adelaide - 15 months and my little ray of sunshine. :) Enjoys pointing at things, chasing the cat, trying to pull all the books off my bookshelves, eating, playing, and snuggling.

We are a relaxed/eclectic, secular homeschooling family living in Pennsylvania and thoroughly enjoying Life Without School!


Alexa is using: Oak Meadow 8 Civics; Oak Meadow 8 English; Oak Meadow Basic Physical Science; Story of the World Middle Ages; and Teaching Textbooks Math Pre-Algebra.

Ben is loosely using the Oak Meadow 3rd Grade curriculum (minus the math), Teaching Textbooks Math 3, and Reading Eggspress.

I've always been a fairly relaxed homeschooler. While I've buckled down more this year with my 8th grader, in general we do school around life, not life around school. We use mainly a fun, hands on curriculum that isn't overly time consuming and isn't dry or textbookish, and we're always willing to drop it for the time being if something fun, interesting, or educational comes up outside the house. Living is learning!


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